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The use of anabolic-androgenic steroids to improve physical performance or appearance has increased notably. The doses used are 10- to 100- fold higher than the therapeutic dose (TD), and this abuse can cause several side effects. Glucose metabolism is significantly affected by anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse, but studies about glycemic regulation during fasting are scarce. There are some evidences showing that testosterone can antagonize glucocorticoids action, which are crucial to glucose production during fasting. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the impact of supraphysiological doses (SDs) of nandrolone decanoate (DECA) on rat glucose metabolism during fasting. Male Wistar rats were treated with i.m. injections of vehicle, a low TD (0.016 mg/100 g b.w.-TD group) or a high SD (1 mg/100 g b.w.-SD group) of DECA, once a week for 8 weeks. After 12 h fasting, we evaluated glucose and pyruvate tolerance tests, liver glycogen content, serum levels of gluconeogenic substrates, insulin and corticosterone, glucose uptake and hexokinase (HK) activity in skeletal muscle, and the adrenal catecholamine content. SD group had increased serum insulin levels and a blunted response to insulin regarding glucose uptake in skeletal muscle. Fasting serum glucose decreased significantly in SD group, as well as the pyruvate tolerance test and liver glycogen content. Moreover, serum levels of glycerol were increased in SD group. Our data indicate that SDs of DECA exert effects on different regulatory points of glucose metabolism, resulting in defective gluconeogenesis and decreased skeletal muscle glucose uptake in response to insulin. testosterone.

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Elite sport and the measures imposed to prevent ‘men’ from ‘cheating’ by posing as women in women’s events cast interesting light on notions of sex and gender. Some women have testes, organs that produce testosterone, because they are trans women or they have an intersex state. Testosterone is recognised as a performance-enhancing substance in at least some circumstances, and therefore, women with testes may possess an advantage when competing in some sport against women without testes, though this has never been subjected to rigorous scientific testing. The International Olympic Committee and the International Association of Athletics Federation have decreed that such individuals can compete only if they undergo medical and surgical treatment, which is likely to mean gonadectomy. This might be considered to impose an unethical demand on the individual concerned and constitute an infringement of bodily autonomy for that individual. It also suggests a binary view of sex/gender that is simplistic and not scientifically accurate. I discuss this approach and consider alternative methods of approaching the problem of women with testes in athletics. testosterone.

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A. Testosterone substitution therapy should not be initiated on the basis of only one measurement of a reduced testosterone level without clinical signs and clarification of the underlying cause. B. Imaging procedures should only be used after the existence of hormonal disease has been confirmed. C. Sonographic screening for thyroid disease is not advised in the elderly. D. Long-term therapy with levothyroxine for nodular goiter should be avoided. E. In relevant stress situations hydrocortisone replacement therapy should not be continued without dose adjustment in patients with adrenal or pituitary insufficiency. testosterone.

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In this prospective, randomized study of 612 burned children [52% ± 1% of total body surface area burned, ages 0.5-14 years (boys); ages 0.5-12 years (girls)], we compared controls to the individual administration of these drugs, and the combined administration of oxandrolone and propranolol at the same doses, for 1 year after burn. Data were recorded at discharge, 6 months, and 1 and 2 years after injury. testosterone.

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Electricigens/exoelectrogens were selectively enriched from domestic wastewater in a microbial fuel cell (MFC). Whole EAB cell-derived mass spectra were obtained with simple agar incubation for 24 h and subsequent release of proteins by 25% formic acid (FA) and ultrasonication. Mass fingerprints of EAB were obtained by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF/TOF-MS) and species-specific analyses were completed by using the Spectral ARchive and Microbial Identification System (SARAMIS). testosterone.

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To investigate the effect of sodium aescinate (SA) on PCOS-IR rat models. testosterone.

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